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Meet The Admin Team


I truly want to believe that there is a way forward from the extreme polarization we are experiencing in this country. I came to Project Connect not only to learn how to participate in thoughtful conversations but how to listen.



I  chose to be a part of Project Connect because I believe that bringing these types of  conversations to the community is the foundation for strengthening our democracy. A huge side benefit is I get to regularly practice how to be a better listener while learning about others’ life experiences, and as I share mine, I get to know myself even better.



As a Communication Instructor and Researcher, I have seen the power of communication at work. Listening and discussing important issues helps us all grow as communicators and citizens. I believe that these conversations can help bridge divides and propel our community forward.



I believe in citizens engaging to find what is mutually beneficial: the common good.

Mary Lou


I am a communication studies educator, interested particularly in the ways that our everyday communication acts serve to (re)create our reality. Through engaging in Conversations for Change, I am inspired by co-created understandings about deeply important topics that serve to illuminate, interrogate, and transform our perspectives. In cultivating these dialogues among fellow communicators, we contribute to one another's growth.