How You Can Help

Project Connect welcomes volunteers and conversationalists. Here are some ways you can participate.

Sign up for one of our Conversation events 

We host regular “Conversations for Change” community events.  Follow the link to sign up. Check our Conversations for Change.

Become a Conversation host.

We are happy to assist you in becoming trained for this important role.  A short (30-60 minute) training is all it takes. Hosting gatherings of friends and co-workers in your home or becoming a volunteer host for Project Connect events are ways to be a part of this exciting movement to bridge the many divides that separate people.  

Join our planning team.

We always welcome enthusiastic, caring and thoughtful people who have the time and energy to volunteer.  If you have specialized skills such as promotion, fundraising, leadership or graphic and technical expertise, we certainly welcome them but they are not required.  

Become involved in online conversations.

There are many online opportunities to be a part of conversations with people from all over the country. There are a wealth of topics to choose from. The Living Room Conversations website has opportunities to join online conversations.

Interested in learning more about our Conversations for Change. Please email us for more information.

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